Adventure Map Book

Long ago there was a mom of two boys. When the boys were toddlers the mom made a rather extreme parenting decision to forego screens and electronic use in raising her kids. She felt isolated and alone. She turned to nature as a consistent place to find connection, beauty, and peace. She started studying nature as if her life depended on it. She learned things she never knew she never knew. Animals, plants, history and culture came alive in the overlooked spaces she discovered in her neighborhood and the surrounding parks. She realized a freedom and joy that was unlocked only by entering into the nearest wild with her children (and others). Playgrounds became the dullest parts of a park. She became hooked on exploring and noticed that her kids -and all kids- loved it too. She wanted to share the joy to be found in the urban wild places with other parents and kids. She met a co-mother and nature angel named Jessie Hoagland who drew magical maps of all the parks she frequented with her sons. For a couple years the two worked on editing and redrafting the map book until it was ready enough to give to others who were willing to embark on adventurous little journeys themselves. Now parents write their own books of adventures but this ancient text remains a jumping off point for those who seek the child-like treasures of the local St Louis wilderness. 

“Your book is perfect and we spent an hour doing just part of the adventure. . . We went again to Blackburn park and found the sassafras trees. We had SO much fun. My parents came along and loved it. StL moms need this book!”

– Diana A.

“Our sweet Forest School Teacher, Miss Angela, has created this amazing resource that unlocks some of STL’s best urban wild spots! We love our park book!”

-Kelsey S.

“It’s a great adventure guide for kids of all ages! Small and grown! It’d be a great present for families new to St Louis!”

-Karley S.