Wildercamp (Summer Camp)

Play-filled, relaxing time outside at parks where kids can explore and enjoy nature with other kids in wonderful, child-like ways. The counselors and staff seek to provide an emotionally supportive space for kids to take risks and engage in new and different ways to explore nature. Games, songs, and nature crafts/art are offered each day. Things like climbing trees, exploring a creek and finding and catching wildlife like bugs, frogs or turtles are all welcome and encouraged at Wildercamp. Kids love this camp and remember times they’ve had as some of their favorite memories!

  • Ages 3+ can attend half day camps in June only (9:30am -12:30pm)
  • Ages 5+ can attend full day camps (10am – 3pm – with flexible drop-off between 9:30-10) 
  • Cost: $175 Full Day  / $150 Half Day per 4-day week. $25 sibling discount.

Click on the link below for more information and to register your child. Check the descriptions at the bottom of this page for information about each month’s activities.

WILDERCAMP 2023 IS NOW FULL! Please check our Facebook page for Winter & Spring Break Camps.

June: Tower Grove Park – Get your ADVENTURE on! (May 30 – June 29)

Children will enjoy the ruins ponds, the stables, the East & West streams and learn to love and identify the extensive variety of trees. Besides visiting horses & fishing for crawdads, children may stumble upon caterpillars, baby birds, raccoons, an oppossum in a tree, or an owl roosting in the pines! We also schedule our own special events like tours of the TGP greenhouse. You NEVER know what you’re going to get each week when you spend carefree time at Tower Grove Park!

July: Forest Park – World’s Fair Foray! (July 10 – 27)

Do you know how to find the park’s woods and wildlife hiding among popular tourist attractions? Can you trek from the World’s Fair Pavilion to Art Hill?  This month, children will be at home with the wilder side of Forest Park. There’s vines to swing from, pokeberries to paint with, and a nature playscape with a mini-swim hole and mock-creek to splash in when the sun’s beating down. We might build a swing, put on a play, make potions from flowers or try to make a natural cannon out of cockleburs! 

August: Around Town! (July 31 – August 17)

The first 2 weeks of August will be spent in the cool woods of Love Park in Ballwin! Children will have the chance to harvest nettles for tea, search for wild blackberries, build forts, and have races in the big field. Best of all, children can swim, splash, and hunt for minnows in the beautiful Grand Glaize Creek which meanders through the park. Younger children/poor swimmers are required to bring wearable floaties

The last week of camp will be back at Tower Grove Park where children can have their last splash in the creek, do painting or other open-ended crafts in the pines, and see the late -summer bugs hatching. On the last day, the group will walk to Ices Plain & Fancy – parents will be asked to contribute a few dollars for ice cream, & Wildercamp will cover the rest!

Check back for Spring Break and Winter Break Camps! Dates are usually posted first on our Facebook page or email

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