Wild Edibles Workshops

Contact Angela if your group is interested in scheduling an adult only or kid-friendly Spring, Summer, or Fall Wild Edibles Workshop! Each workshop will include an overview of the seasonal wild edibles plus  highlights of the most easily found/tasty ones! Poisonous wild plants to take note of are also included. The Workshop can be catered to each group’s experience/skill level with wild edibles. 

$20/Adult or $15/Family

5 person/family minimum for a 1.5 hour workshop can be inside or at a local park and can include some samples, handouts/recipes, and a brief tour to see and identify the plants in nature! 

Early Fall (October) Workshop highlights Persimmons. Samples may include persimmon leather, persimmon ice cream or persimmon cookies. 

Late Fall (November/December) Workshop highlights Missouri Nuts: samples of raw nuts plus various products from them including  walnut/pecan or hickory cookies. 

Spring (April/May) Workshop highlights Greens/Salad Fixings

Summer (June/July/early August) Workshop highlights Berries: Mulberries, Serviceberries, Blackberries and Elderberries.